Where Did Toto TV Come From? from Mitch Weber/Toto TV Productions on Vimeo.

Ecrans d econtroleWhy Us?

We are a group of professional journalists who have been working in TV News for more than 20 years. We use the latest equipment and editing software to create broadcast quality videos. We can help you come up with unique videos for any occasion. Videos can be uploaded on any digital platform or for commercials, social media or special events.


Our Crew

Mitch is an Emmy Award Winning TV Journalist.

Mitch was a TV Journalist for 16 years. He worked at FOX 4 & 41 Action News before starting his own company, Toto TV Productions.

He is now a full-time business owner and videographer, producing videos for businesses, organizations, and individuals. He became a reporter to tell stories through video and now he is the position to create TV quality stories for anyone.

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Nick is also an Emmy Award Winning Videographer.

Nick is a wizard when it comes to videography and motion graphic design.

Any animation you see on this site he has done. Check out his other work at Full Pixel Productions. We collaborate all the time.