Where Did Toto TV Come From? from Mitch Weber/Toto TV Productions on Vimeo.

Why Us?

We are a group of professional journalists and video gurus who love to create engaging video content. We use the latest equipment and editing software to create broadcast quality videos. We can help you come up with unique videos for any occasion. Videos can be uploaded to any digital platform or for commercials, social media or special events.

Our Crew

Mitch Weber is an Emmy Award Winning TV Journalist. He was a TV Journalist for 16 years. Mitch worked at FOX 4 & 41 Action News before starting his own company, Toto TV Productions. He is now a full-time business owner and videographer, producing videos for businesses, organizations, and individuals. In 2014, Mitch won an Emmy Award for a story about the volunteers and hospitalized kids at Children’s Mercy Hospital. 

Lucas Cohen, also known as “Red” because he owns one of the best video cameras in the business, the Red Camera. Lucas has worked for shows on Netflix, HGTV, the Food Network, and more, Lucas is one of the few owner and operators of a red camera in the Kansas City area. The utilization of one of the highest regarded cameras in the industry allows us to bring a cinematic feel to your video. He also does weddings! Check him out: http://lucasfalcocohen.com.

Kat Boutwell is part of the producing team. She produced TV News for 12 years. She helps write and create the stories our clients want to tell. She is also a co-host/editor of the podcast, “A Gal & A Gay: Pop Culture Connoisseurs.

Wayne Gassmann is originally from Tulsa, Oklahoma, but has called Kansas City home for a few years. Wayne worked as a TV News Photographer and drone pilot for the local NBC in KCMO. While in news he says, ” I made connections with people like Mitch, which lead to working together outside of the news.” Wayne left news to pursue his passion for creative video work in 2017 and has not looked back. Check out Wayne’s work: http://www.gassmann-media.com